Frequently Asked Questions

Our pick list for frequently asked questions

What is Ghosty?

Ghosty was built to introduce the concept of Signing in with Blockchain and A messaging platform for Web3 users to simply and instantly messaging across wallet-to-wallet on the Blockchain network.

Is there a cost for sending messages?

No cost! Messages are sent and received free of cost because they are done off-chain.

Will I get a reply?

This will depend on whether the recipient chooses to use Ghosty or not (and decides to resend the response).

Is all message on Ghosty end-to-end encrypted? Upcoming

All messages are encrypted once both addresses are entered into Ghosty Chat.

Who can I chat with?

You can chat with any address, depending on the Blockchain network you choose!

How are login handled?

Current users can login via NEAR Network & ASTAR Network (upcoming).

I get too much spam. How can I avoid them? Upcoming

You can block individual users whose messages you don't want to receive.

Is there a mobile version?

There is currently no mobile app. The Ghosty web app works on mobile browsers, although desktop browsers provide the most optimized user experience.

What can I use Ghosty for?

Use cases include offering deals to buy NFTs held by message recipients, initiating partnerships, warning about exposure to smart contract vulnerabilities, and much more.

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